• 1. What is an average journey time?
    Your journey time depends on your pick up point and destination. For example, an average journey time from Charles de Gaulle Airport Paris to London is about 6 hours including Channel Tunnel crossing.
  • 2. Does my pet need to be seen by the vet before travelling abroad?
    Please note the requirements regarding pet travel may vary between countries. Thus you must check the requirements of the country your pet is travelling to.
    You can find travel information by clicking the ‘Eurotunnel’ icon on our Home page.
  • 3. Do you check my pets’ paperwork?
    We are not able to check your paperwork. Completing and ensuring your paperwork is correct and relevant documents are in place is your responsibility. Please click on the ‘Eurotunnel’ icon on our Home page for the information regarding pet travel via Eurotunnel.
  • 4. What does check-in process at the Eurotunnel look like?
    Once we arrive at the Eurotunnel, we will go directly to the Pet Reception where your pets’ microchip will be scanned and all your pets’ paperwork and necessary documents will be checked. Our driver will assist you to the Pet Reception. The check-in process at the Pet Reception takes around 5 minutes. Once your pets have been checked-in, we will proceed to collect our Eurotunnel ticket and to the Passport Control.
  • 5. Payment methods
    We accept payments by bank transfer or via a secure link by debit/credit card.
  • 6.  How can I secure my booking?
    To secure your booking you need to pay upfront a Le Shuttle ticket price including pet fee so that we can book a Le Shuttle ticket.
    You need to pay our service fee up to 48 hours before our driver leaves Folkestone to pick you up. After that time (48 hours or less) in the event of cancellation your payment for our service is non-refundable.
    Please note only Le Shuttle FlexiPlus tickets are refundable. Thus we will be able to refund the funds paid for a FlexiPlus ticket only. For other Le Shuttle ticket types we won’t be able to refund the ticket cost but we will return your Le Shuttle ticket to you.?
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